Kristen Lenio, Boardman, Oh

Apr 6, 2015

My boyfriend finally told me that we should start looking for rings! I have always known that I wanted something out of the ordinary, but when we started looking I realized that so many different designers' collections looked the same! That is, until I stumbled across Elma Gil! I love the bridal collection so much because the rings just look so different and unique! I can't wait until I own one of my own!!

Linda johnson, San Jose ca

Mar 8, 2015

I've been in love with my wedding set for years. I'm crazy about Art Deco and my set fits my style. I damaged the band and the wonderful people at Elma Gil repaired it. Thank you so much.

Julie, Newburgh, in

Mar 22, 2014

I have Looked for a replacement ring for over a year, online, in stores, studied, researched, obsessed and went over rings with a fine tooth comb to find quality and style I could stand to glare at for the remainder of my days:) then I stumbled onto this collection completely by accident. I went to this store in hopes of finding something affordable that could hold me over until I purchased the ring I would call mine for good. The quality of Elma Gil pave' settings against any high priced known name designer ring settings is clear when compared. Exquisite craftsmanship, I was explained to in detail ( finally!!!) how it is that so many people lose their small side diamonds in a pave' setting and how this ring is set differently to ensure quality, and it shows!!!!! Thank you for the attention to detail, having an eye for style that women want to proudly wear forever and for the most perfect ring!!


Oct 4, 2012

I work for a jewelry store here in Iowa and we just got our Elma Gil order in and this Romeo & Juliet necklace (DP-189) is the most amazing piece. By far my favorite necklace that I have come across since I have worked here! Pure class and elegance. I can tell this piece won't last long in our store!

Carolyn Shaff, Nappannee IN

Jul 22, 2012

Visited the store with my heirloom European cut diamond with the intentions of having it reset. Saw this setting and fell in love, diamond was reset that day and I think it looks amazing in your setting. My diamond is 1.47 and fits exceptionally well in the setting. Was exactly what I was looking for to set off tthe diamond. And does it ever!!!! Thank you for your beautiful designs.

Bob Boffa, Gardendale, AL

Jan 14, 2012

As a exclusive dealer in my area of the Elma Gil line, I can say first hand how the beauty of the line shows not only in my case, but by every face of my customers as they view each piece. AHHH's and ohs are heard everytime we hand a potential bride a piece to try on! They each are truly impressive and unforgettable!

Moxy, San Antonio,TX

Dec 1, 2011

My fiance, Michael, gave me Elma Gil engagement ring DR-346 last November. I LOVE my ring and so does everyone else. I get tons of compliments from men & women; they're amazed by the unique design. The ring is beautiful. My guy did a great job of picking the perfect ring.

Karen, Jamul

Jul 27, 2011

Just purchased DR-190 for my 30th wedding anniversary, I can hardly wait to wear it.

Doug Fielder, Hurst, TX

Jul 27, 2011

I went into March Jewelers in Hurst, Texas and found my fiance the perfect Elma Gil ring. She about fainted she was so happy! Thank you Elma Gil!

Dee, SD, CA

Jul 13, 2011

I love my Elma Gil ring!